Otomotiv - 2016-08-25

NSK at Automechanika

Complementing its position as a leading supplier to the OEM market, NSK will use the  forthcoming Automechanika exhibition  (13-17 September) in Frankfurt, Germany, to showcase its brand offer for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket. The first product in support of this move, the NSK ProKIT, will be launched at the exhibition.
Automechanika Frankfurt is the world’s leading trade fair for the automotive service sector, representing an international meeting place for all market participants from the industry, dealership trade and maintenance and repair segment.

Found at booth 4.0 E51 in Hall 4.0, NSK’s ProKIT, which focuses on wheel HUB bearings, is the first in a range of products for the independent automotive aftermarket. It includes only 100% genuine products, such as bearings, seals and fasteners, as used by OE car manufacturers. The OE quality of all parts is therefore assured.
Along with ProKIT, NSK will show a range of products designed to highlight the company’s proven quality, innovation and experience as an established OE supplier working with almost all major car manufacturers. 
NSK will exhibit a wide range of HUB bearings (generation I, II and III) from many applications to illustrate the variety of designs available from the company. Also in the spotlight will be four different transmission types, as well as relevant clutch and transmission bearings.
NSK’s knowledge and proven track record in OEM market segments such as chassis, transmission and engine/accessories will assure the independent automotive aftermarket of the company’s ability to produce quality products and add value. In the short-to-medium term, NSK will be looking to achieve recognition of its brand and become a strong future partner for wholesalers. The company will also be focusing on a first class supply chain performance, and the establishment of strong relationships with garages at a local level.


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