Quick Assembly Tapered (QAT) Roller Bearings

These bearings provide excellent precision in the preload setting during assembly. In operation, the set preload also maintains reliability for longer.

Long Life Sealed-Clean Ball Bearings

Long life Sealed-Clean Transmission Bearings prevent the ingress of contaminants from the oil. This enables a size reduction compared to non-sealed bearings, resulting in a more compact transmission.

Light weight and low costs TKZ Type Clutch Release Bearings

Self-centering Clutch Release Bearings with reduced weight and cost have been achieved by reducing the number of parts in the assembly through improved pressing techniques.

High Thrust Capacity Cylindrical Roller Bearings

These high capacity Cylindrical Roller Bearings can also accept higher thrust loads from the gear meshing.

Transmission Bearings with Retainer Plate

By integrating additional components, in this case a mounting plate added to a sealed clean bearing, the assembly time can be reduced and the process simplified.


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