Alternator Bearings

As the world leader in Ball Bearings, and in particular for engine accessories, NSK has developed a comprehensive understanding of the features required to make long life and durable alternator bearings.

The combination of specially developed steels and lubricants allow the alternators to run reliably under high temperatures, whilst design features such as anti-creep and optimised internal geometry give longer life.

Clutch Pulley Unit

By integrating a one-way clutch into the alternator pulley it is possible to extend belt life by absorbing speed fluctuations transmitted through the crankshaft pulley.

Thin Cross-section Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing (also known as Magnetic Clutch Bearing)

Air-conditioning is no longer a luxury and is now standard on almost all vehicles. The compressor is driven by the engine accessory belt via an electric clutch. Given the power absorbed by the compressor, the electric clutch allows this drive to be disengaged when the air-conditioning is not required, thus saving fuel.

Drawn-Cup Needle Roller Bearings for Compressors

The clutch within the compressor drive pulley is operated magnetically. Given the space limitations, the bearing supporting the pulley has to have a very thin section height, which makes both the design and manufacture of a suitable clutch bearing quite challenging. NSK bearings are able to provide a high moment rigidity whilst maintaining a long service life, resulting in a wide customer base and high market share in compressor manufacturers.

Thrust Needle Roller Bearings with Integrated Races for Compressors

The main bearing type inside the compressor is the Needle Roller Bearing. Due to its compact dimensions and relatively high load rating, it is the ideal choice for such applications. Additionally, NSK bearings offer high durability under alternative refrigerant (non-Freon).


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